Sun lamfloor
is a ready-made flooring that let you enjoy the timeless quality and character of natural solid Hevea flooring. The structure appears in standard long strips joined together with special glue and a precision machined profile. Each strip is constructed from short length strips with precision special finger jointing machine. They are pressed together to form a long strip. The Lamfloor is a pre-finished product, fully edge with tongue and groove all four sides. It can be easily installed as floating floor but can be also glued to substrate.

Sun Lamfloor is normally manufactured with natural, transparent 6 layers of UV acrylic lacquer finish or can be stained in various colour such as Oak , Gunstock or Mahogany stain. We can also offer unfinished Lamfloor for customers to apply their own preferred varnish.

You will be impressed by the performance, durability, convenience, easy to maintain and, of course, also excellent feeling & foot comfort.

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