Teak superior qualities are globally recognized and also in floorings. It provides you with the optimal solution. Your home will be admired by your friends, and it will put extra cost in your pocket if you sell.

To make our teak flooring product even more durable, you can choose between several coats of UV lacquer or an oil treatment, all state of the oil finishes.

We have 3 main popular patterns in our range:


Size: 15 X 90 X 1820 mm.

Random Length
Size: 15 X 90 X 450 mm.
15 X 90 X 600 mm.
15 X 90 X 750 mm.
15 X 90 X 900 mm.
Size: 15 X 90 X 1820 mm.
15 X 150 X 1820 mm.

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