Santi Forestry Group (SFG) first began the timber trading business in 1960 by the CEO, Mr. Santi Vayakornvichitr. In 1970s, the Group began to diversity into saw milling and veneer slicing, and has continued to expand ever since. SFG's integrated industry operations presently cover the products ranging from sawn timber, veneer, laminated wood, cabinet, indoor/outdoor furniture as well as floorings. The combination of direct access to raw materials, modern machinery, technological know-how, and professional marketing has enabled the group to develop and sustain its position as a leader in solid wood manufacturing and high-quality wood products in Southeast Asia. To maintain its competitive edge, SFG has emphasized:
  • high product quality
    In order to conserve true value of wood and a lasting appreciation for it, SFG is committed to high value added through the application of modern design and up-to-date, energy-efficient, environment-friendly technology.
  • securing raw materials
    SFG sources its timber from many parts of the world, e.g. Teak from Myanmar and Indonesia, Hevea from Thailand; oak, ash, maple and cherry from North America; beach and spruce from Northern Europe, etc.
All are grown in controlled and sustainable yield programs. It is the practice and policy of SFG to carefully handle raw materials and maximize the use of all wood resources in hand.

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